Konwerter RS232 na USB2.0 sygnalizacja LED

Marka IOCREST Model IO-USB2310-01 Ilość 1szt Czarny kolor materiał ABS Inne funkcje Obsługuje system Win XP, Linux, Android 2.x, Android 4.x, Win 2000, Win 2008, Win Vista, Win7 32, Win7 64, Windows 8 32, Windows 8 64, MAC OS X Wymiary i waga Wymiary 104 cm x 3,7 cm x 1,9 cm Masa 1,76 uncji (50 g), Lista 1 x USB 2.0 to Serial Converter (100cm) 1 x Instrukcja obsługi English 1 x CD 1.Standards: conforming to USBV1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 2.USB signals: VCC, DATA+, DATA-, GND and FG 3.RS-232 signals: CD RXD TXD DTR GND DSR RTS CTS RI 4.Single chip USB to asynchronous serial data transfer interface 5.Support Bits per second Data transfer rates from 300 baud to 921600baud (RS232 ) at TTL levels 6.UART interface support for 7 or 8 data bits,1 or 2 stop bits and even/odd/mark/space/none 7.Flow control none, hardware and xon/xoff 8.Synchronous and asynchronous bit bang interface options with RD# and WR# strobes 9.UART signal inversion option 10.USB 2.0 Full Speed capable 11.Signal indication: indicator lights for Power (PWR), Send (TXD) and Receive (RXD) 12.Extended operating temperature range: -40 to 85\'C